Dust Bunnies – the scourge of Digital SLRs

Apologies if you already know this but I thought it was so important it was worth passing on!

When you change lenses on your DSLR, always:

1. switch the camera OFF. The sensor is an electrostatically charged device and will suck up dust lie Dracula on a virgin. With the camera switched off this will reduce significantly the level of charge.

2. point the camera down as best you can. I know dust blows up too but most of it is coming down – every little helps.

Not a total cure but a step in the right direction.

Banish All Dust Descending Into Every Sensor – BADDIES!!


  • Judi Lion

    Always worth repeating – it’s amazing how many folks I’ve seen pointing the camera upwards when they change lenses!

    July 1, 2012
  • Richard Bingham

    Other anti-dust tips: 1. carry a clean decorator’s paintbrush (not used for anything else!) to brush around the union before you uncouple the lens that comes off, and 2. line all the lens caps (the ones that go on the body end when the lens is in your camera bag) with double-sided tape strips to act like flypaper and collect any stray dust (same applies to a body cap if the camera body is to be lensless in your bag)

    July 2, 2012

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