Seljalandsfoss is a world famous waterfall in Iceland. It is very tall – somewhere around 60 meters. This being a tall waterfall it is far from the only waterfall in Iceland that is tall like this. There are many waterfalls in the country that are very tall and this does not make Seljalandsfoss world famous. It is due to the well developed loop trail that takes in the backside of the waterfall also, that makes the waterfall so famous.
This means you can go all around the waterfall the photograph it, with the sun setting down, see through it and you can even see the waterfall move straight up into the sky when it is very windy. It is also very well located, next to the Ring Road in Iceland, that makes it popular among tourists visiting Iceland – both in the wintertime and in the summer.

Nearby you can also find other famous waterfall, glaciers and even black sand beaches that are very rare. So overall very great attraction in south Iceland. There are also some attractive hotels close by with Hotel Ranga probably being the most known. A 4 start country resort well known for its northern lights wake up service.

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